Clock Stoves

All Clock Stoves are 100% made in the uk!

Designed in the UK – Our 1st model was commissioned by Blithfield Hall in Staffordshire.
All Component parts are sourced and produced in the UK. 
All Stoves are fabricated, hand finished and fully assembled in the UK.  
Packaging, freight, marketing, after-sales care and customers services are again – All UK

Responding to our dealer network and based on the already popular “Clock Blithfield 5” we produced a slightly smaller stove. The New Compact 5 packs pretty much the same punch as it’s big sister but doesn’t need as much space. There are also Woodburning only Stoves and also the Contemporary Brocksford Stoves available

No matter which option you choose Clock will be able to provide you with the perfect choice of appliance to fit any style of home, office or structure.

New legislation comes into force in 2022 specifically focused on emissions.

Right back from the initial design stages Clock Stoves have been built to maximize efficiency and meet not only current legislation but to ensure all future requirements are met.

Clock Blithfield 5kw Multi Fuel Stove
Clock Compact 5kw Multi Fuel Stove
Clock Blithfield 5kw Multi Fuel Stove






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