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We have a huge catalogue of Installations, take a look through them for inspiration in your home. Please click on the photo to expand image.

Old Open Fire removed, new Inglenook created, finished with Dean Forge Croft Junior 5kw Multifuel Stove, Bronte Blue Limestone Hearth & Light Oak Standard Fascia Beam

Old Open Fire removed, new double-sided Inglenook created, Double-Sided Woodwarm Fireview 6kw Multifuel Stove installed with Black Limestone Hearth & 2 Light Oak Shelves to complete this stunning look

Old wooden lintel & Stove removed, replaced with new Sandstone Lintel and Dean Forge Sherford 5kw Woodburning Stove

Old Open Fire removed, new Inglenook created finished off with Clock 5kw Multifuel Stove, Honed Slate Hearth & Aged Medium Oak Beam

Old open fireplace removed, replaced with Woodwarm Pheonix Firebright 5kw Insert MultiFuel Stove with Geo Cast Non-Combustable Light/Medium Oak Beam Surround, Granite Hearth & Slate Split Face Effect Cladding

Old Open Fire removed and replaced with an Inglenook lined with Manzanita Stone Coins, Luna Leathered Granite Hearth, Natural Waxed Oak Shelf and Stainless Steel Liner with Woodwarm Fireview 5kw

Removed old Gas Fire and a new false chimney breast was built with metal stud & twinwall flue system put through the wall, finished off with a raised Slate Hearth, Natural Waxed Oak Standard Fascia Beam & Clock Multifuel 5kw Stove installed into Inglenook

Open Fire removed, chimney breast was plastered and a Gazco Studio 2 Inset Gas Fire with Verve Frame, Black Reed Lining & Log Effect and finished with a Granite Floating Shelf

Old Fire removed, new Inglenook created, finished with Woodwarm 5kw Firegem Multifuel Stove, Storm Granite Hearth & Light Oak Standard Fascia Beam

Removed old Multifuel Stove, Chimney was lined with Creaway. A Black Slate Panel was put in, finished with a Stovax Riva 40 Inset 5kw Multifuel Stove making a neater Fireplace

Twinwall Block Chimney created, and Stone Clad with Slips, Slate Tile Hearth with Stovax Brunel 1A 4kw Multifuel Stove and Medium Aged Oak Fascia Beam with Pegs

ACR Malvern 5kw Multifuel Stove installed into a new Inglenook which was lined with Light Grey Brick Slips, finished with a Black Granite Hearth and Non-Combustible Light/Medium Geo-Cast Beam with Downlights

We created a false chimney and Inglenook which was lined with White & Grey Tiles and a Black Granite Hearth. A Burley Springdale 3kw Woodburning Stove was installed and finished off with a Standard Waxed Pine Fascia Beam

Old tiled open fire removed and an Inglenook created, it was replaced with a Woodwarm 5kw Fireview Multifuel Stove, Sandstone Hearth & Geo-Cast Non-Combustible Light Oak Beam style Fire Surround

This is one of the Shop’s very own installations, a false chimney breast was created and and Inglenook lined with Quarrystone Black Sparkle Split Faced Tiles, Brazillian Slate Hearth & Slips, Deflection Agean Limestone Surround, Downlights and the beautiful Gazco Vogue 4.4kw Gas Stove

Gas Fire removed and new Inglenook created, lined with Red Brick Slips and finished with a Granite Split-Level Luna Leathered Hearth and an Dean Forge Hembury 5kw Multifuel Stove was installed

The old boiler was taken out as moved elsewhere in the house, a new Inglenook was created and a Gazco Stockton 5 4.4kw Gas Stove was installed with a New Venezian Gold Marble Hearth & Standard Light/Medium Oak Beam in Rustic finish to complete the look

A new tall Fireplace was created with metal stud, plastered and finished with a Tiled Hearth & Burley Springdale 3kw Woodburning Stove

An empty Fireplace had an ACR 5kw Birchdale Multifuel Stove in White Enamel finish installed and was placed on a Bronte Blue Limestone Flag Hearth making a stunning focal point in this room

Old open Fire removed and new Inglenook installed holding a Dean Forge Croft Large 12.5kw Multifuel Boiler Stove on a Black Slate Hearth

Refurbishment of an older Open Fire, replacing the tiled Hearth with a Black Slate Hearth and rear Firebricks were replaced

Old ornate open Fire & Surround removed and new Inglenook plastered. A Dean Forge Croft Small 5kw Multifuel Stove was inserted onto a Sandstone Hearth and a  Medium Oak Great Beam with Corbels was attached above the Inglenook

Old Woodburning Stove removed, Hearth replaced with new Tiles and the beautiful Woodwarm Firegem 5kw Multifuel Stove was put in it’s place

Old Insert Gas Fire removed, new Inglenook created using the existing Oak Beam. A Stovax Huntington 6kw Multifuel Stove with Tracery Door was placed on a Black Slate Hearth

Another old tiled open Fire removed to create an Inglenook, lined with Red Brick Slips, housing an ACR Birchdale 5kw Multifuel Stove on a Slate Hearth

Old Gas Fire removed, using the existing Fireplace, the old Fire was replaced by a Stovax Huntington 6kw Multifuel Stove

New Fireplace created with Sandstone Hearth and Woodwarm Foxfire 4kw Multifuel Stove

Our lovely neighbours at Arragon’s Cycles installed a Dean Forge Huccaby 5kw Woodburning Stovejust in time for the colder weather, it was finished off with a Twinwall Flue System & Front Hearth in Mocca Creme

Although this installation looks like something from a Home & Garden Magazine, it is in fact an installation we completed nearby. The Stove is a Nordpeis Duo 5kw Woodburner and had a Black Powdercoated Twinwall Flue System. One word = Stunning!

An installation doesn’t have to be Solid Fuel, this Gazco Stockton Medium Electric Stove was installed into the Shepherds Inn @ Langwathby’s Snug which used to have an Open Fire but still wanted a warm inviting room without the mess, it looks very effective

Flavel Windsor Natural Gas Conventional Flue with Pebble Fuel Effect in Polished SilverUllswater Surround in Lightstone Finish with a Black Granite Hearth & Back Panel

Existing Stone Fireplace used and Fireline FPi5 Inset 5kw Multifuel Stove installed. By converting to a closed unit, efficiency is increased from average 20% efficiency for an Open Fire to approx 80% efficiency of a Stove

The entire old Fireplace and surrounding walls were stripped back to show the Stone Clad and Inglenook created, the old open Fire was taken out and replaced with a Stovax Stockton 3 Multifuel Stove, sitting on a new Sandstone Hearth.

More neighbours, this time at The Yard Kitchen installed a gorgeous Dovre Vintage 35 Enamel Woodburning Stove for their customers to enjoy, we can highly recommend the cake too!

Open Fire removal and new ACR Tenbury T400 5kw Multifuel Insert Stove, using the existing Stone Surround as it is ideal for a standard 16″ Fireplace opening

Inglenook created with a Brick Hearth, plastered chamber and Dressed Waxed Oak Beam with a Woodwarm Foxfire 4kw Multifuel Stove

Inglenook knocked out and plastered chamber, finished with a Bronte Blue Limestone Flag Hearth, Woodwarm Firegem 5kw Multifuel Stove and Aged Medium Oak Beam

Brick and rendered Inglenook with Luna Granite Hearth & Charnwood Arc 5kw Multifuel Stove with Log Store

Old Stone 1970’s Fireplace removed and new Inglenook created, Woodwarm Foxfire 4kw Multifuel Stove installed on a Bronte Blue Flagstone Hearth with Aged Light/Medium Oak Beam above

Large Traditional Brick Fireplace which overpowered the room, the Bricks were Renderedgiving smooth lines, the chamber was lined with Stone Slips and a Burley Holywell 5kw Woodburning Stovebrought the whole room up to date, we think it looks lovely! (this is an older installation and we do always advise that Logs shouldn’t be stored next to a Woodburning Stove due to them being Combustible)

If you have an old standard size Fireplace, there are options to change to a more modern Electric, Gas or Solid Fuel Inset Stove/Fire. This previously Open Fire was made more efficient by installing an Inset Multifuel Stove from Woodwarm. An Open Fire is on average only 20% efficient, by installing an Inset Stove it takes efficiency up to approx 80%. This installation was a little whie ago, the Fireview Inset has now been replaced with a Firebright Inset (see inset photo). Why not update your efficiency whilst adding style at the same time?

7 different installations, all using different forms of Slate, our designs are bespoke, we can create the look you want to achieve in your home so that no one else will have the same, think you will agree, each one looks stunning in it’s own way! Featuring Woodwarm Firegem, Varde Aura 1, Burley Sringdale & Hollywell, ACR Rowandale and Hunter Herald Stoves. Green Slate, Slate Coins, Luna Granite (Slate Colour) Slate Split Faced Tiles and Slate Tiles

Removed ugly green tiles and created Inglenook using existing Marble Surround, replaced Open Fire with Stovax Huntington 30 with Clear Door and Black Granite Hearth. We also sorted out the Chimney Breast so that it became flush to the wall again

We removed an old Open Fireplace and installed a Morso 06 Woodburning Stove in a new Inglenook with a Slate Hearth, makes the room look bigger

Corner Fireplace created using Sandstone Hearth & Surround, this is a while ago as it’s a Franco Belge Savoy Elegance 8kw Stove

Old 1970’s Fireplace knocked out and Inglenook built and lined with Stone Coins. A Yeoman Devon Multifuel Stove put onto a Luna Granite Hearth and Dark Oak Aged Deep Beam put over the chamber

Old Tiled Fireplace removed with small Inglenook created, Woodwarm Fireview 5kw Multifuel Stove installed on a Luna Granite Hearth and finished with a Winchester Surround in Semi Rijo Limestone

Old inefficient Gas Fire removed and replaced with a Woodwarm Fireview 5kw Multifuel Stove on a Bronte Blue Flagstone Hearth using original Limestone Surround

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